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Robyn Field

Robyn Field

Robyn Field was born in Oranjemund, Namibia, and lived in Botswana for eleven years during her childhood. After finishing school she travelled and worked in Israel, Greece and Turkey, and then registered for fine art at Pietermaritzburg University. Finding the art department entirely uninspiring, she did not complete her degree and instead moved to Johannesburg to pursue a creative career.

Field has spent many years on the Joburg arts scene, chiefly as owner and curator of Unity Gallery, from 2003-2013. During this time she worked with many young artists to develop their careers, including Blessing Ngobeni, Layziehound Coka, and Mandy Coppes-Martin. When Field and her husband closed Unity Gallery in 2013 she started painting full time, emerging with work that digs into the often crazy heart of South African (and global) society.

The creation of beautiful and brightly absurd images allows Field to process the strangeness of the world around her.

“The technically meditative approach of using traditional materials and layering, has allowed me to personally reflect on the details of highly complex issues such as land appropriation and personal political morality. This reflection is in itself a comment on the inherent transience and flippancy of much of what passes for political / social debate in 21st century life, where instant emotional attacks currently appear to triumph over research, attention to detail and thoughtful debate.” - Robyn Field

Commissions and Collections include, the JDA (Joburg Development Agency), #NetworkBBDO - Johannesburg, Golder and Associates - Midrand, T-systems SA Head Office - Cape Town, and the Global Credit Rating Company - Sandton.


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